What's Wrong with Mindfulness (And What Isn't) - Praise

Zen Perspectives

Mindfulness seems to be everywhere—but are we sure that’s a good thing? Teachers Sallie Jiko Tisdale, Gil Fronsdal, Norman Fischer, and more explain how removing mindfulness from Buddhism may set a dangerous precedent.



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ISBN 9781614292838

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“This book is the best thing I’ve read on mindfulness and the mindfulness movement.”—David Loy, author of A New Buddhist Path

“If you’re really into mindfulness; if you really want to know about mindfulness deeply, then this is a book for you to read and, more, to contemplate. This isn’t about how to use mindfulness to make you happy, or to deal with stress, or to help with your business. This is about knowing more profoundly what it is all about and what it isn’t. Be prepared to be moved.”—Arthur C. Bohart, professor emeritus California State University Dominguez Hills

“The major risk is separating mindfulness from its Buddhist roots, which includes severing it from its ethical standards. Mindfulness can be a detrimental practice if it’s devoid of ethics. If we take the Buddha out of Buddhism, then we’re leaving ourselves open to all kinds of setbacks, selfishness, and spiritual materialism. What’s Wrong with Mindfulness (And What Isn’t) does a fantastic job of detailing these setbacks and offering a clear picture of what earnest practice looks like.”—The Tattooed Buddha