Ornament of Precious Liberation - Praise

A welcome new translation of Gampopa’s classic overview of the Buddha’s teachings.



376 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9781614294177

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ISBN 9781614294320

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Acknowledgments I shall ever be indebted to Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche for first taking me carefully through Gampopa’s entire text, term by term, idea by idea, on three separate occasions, and to Khenchen the Ninth Thrangu Rinpoche for his subsequent clarifications over many months of revision as he taught it in extenso in Kagyu Samye Ling. Most of all, I am grateful to Katia Holmes, whose years of devoted work on this text produced the initial draft that formed the basis for our first published translation, under the title Gems of Dharma, Jewels of Freedom in 1995. I was delighted then to bring to fruition the task that the Sixteenth Gyalwang Karmapa had entrusted to us but that ill health prevented her from completing. Since then, I am grateful that the support of the Institute of Tibetan Classics under the guidance of Thupten Jinpa and with funding from the Tsadra Foundation has allowed me to bring the translation to its present form. The excellent work of their teams on the Tibetan text, sourcing each quotation, comparing editions, and researching so many points, has truly impressed me and added a vital dimension to this translation beyond my best hopes. Every credit to them. I am delighted now for this opportunity to take this work forward, bringing it to a wider public and contributing to the never-ending duty of us translators to one day render perfectly Gampopa’s thought in English.