Kindfulness - Praise

Mindfulness is not enough...



184 pages, 4.5x6.5 inches


ISBN 9781614291992

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eBook Bundle (PDF, epub, mobi)


ISBN 9781614292166

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“Insightful, delightful and to carry every part of those qualities of kindfulness that the author aspires to express. This is definitely a book that will find favour with anyone who might be looking to explore deeper and more authentic layers of their own complex psyche through meditation and personal self-awareness.”Spirituality Today

“Mindfulness is the buzz word on everybody’s lips – but did you know that practising loving-kindness meditation, or Kindfulness, can also bring you a sense of wellbeing you’ve never experienced before!”Soul & Spirit’s “The Book Corner”

“A spunky paperback…There is a practical dimension to Brahm’s presentation of the spiritual practice of kindness that makes it very appealing.”Spirituality & Practice

“Although small, the tome is packed with great delight and insights that are recommended for the novice and advanced alike. A wisdom so simple, it is easily skimmed through yet so deeply profound that it lasts a lifetime.”The Tattooed Buddha

Readers will find the book’s simple, gentle language and short chapters—with the most important points boldfaced—easy to follow. Perhaps following this gentle guide to countercultural thinking will bring some needed peace to a harried world.”—Publishers Weekly

“Ajahn Brahm has written another gem—this time a pocket-sized one! I love Kindfulness because it’s a kind book. His writing is gentle and soothing. It’s also profound. In a stroke of genius, he turns mindfulness into kindfulness, a practice that opens our hearts to others as well as to ourselves. The kindfulness techniques in this book are easy to incorporate into our everyday lives because Ajahn Brahm illustrates them with stories that all of us can relate to. I highly recommend this “little book of wisdom.” —Toni Bernhard, author of How to Be Sick

“In this little treasure of a book, Ajahn Brahm guides us through five essential stages of meditation, infusing each with the warmth of loving kindness. With his usual gentle humor and gift for story telling, he reviews the common difficulties that practitioners often encounter and offers sage and practical advice about how to work with each one. Divided into short chapters, it’s the perfect format for a once-a-day read that will refresh and inspire everyone traveling the path to Awakening.”—Jan Chozen Bays, Abbot, Great Vow Zen Monastery