How to Enjoy Death - Table of Contents

Preparing to Meet Life’s Final Challenge without Fear


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List of Illustrations xi
How to Use This Book xiii
Preface: We Must Prepare for Death 1
Part I: Advice on Preparing for Death and Rebirth
1. How to Think about Death and Reincarnation 9
What Happens after Death? 9
Everyone Dies, So There’s No Need to Be Afraid 16
Death Is Easy When We’ve Given Up Attachment 19
Get Ready for Death by Living Life with a Good Heart 24
The Best Way to Live and Die: Practice the Five Powers 29
Pray to Be Reborn in Amitābha Buddha’s Pure Land 38
2. How We Go from One Life to the Next 43
What Happens at Death? 43
The Twelve Links of Dependent Arising 47
The Stages of Death, Intermediate State, and Rebirth 50
Death Is What the Yogis Have Been Waiting For 60
3. Practices to Do during the Months and Weeks 65
before Death
Helping Others at the Time of Death Is 65
a Big Responsibility
Create a Conducive Environment for a Peaceful Death 68
What to See and Touch 70
What to Think About 76
What to Hear 81
What to Meditate On 90
What to Do to Purify Negative Karma 98
And Finally, What to Do during 102
the Hours before Death
4. Practices to Do during the Hours and Days after 109
the Breath Has Stopped
What to Do As Soon As the Breath Stops 109
If Your Loved One Is at Home When They Die 112
If Your Loved One Is in Hospital When They Die 118
If Your Loved One Has Offered Their Organs 121
If Your Loved One Dies Suddenly 124
If Your Loved One Has High Realizations and Is 126
Meditating at the Time of Death
Make Sure the Mind Has Left the Body 130
before You Touch It
5. Practices to Do after the Mind Has Left the Body 133
How to Prepare Your Loved One’s 133
Body for Cremation or Burial
The Funeral Service 134
How to Bless and Incorporate Your Loved One’s 136
Ashes in Holy Objects
Practices to Do During the Forty-Nine Days 139
after Death
6. What to Do to Escape the Cycle of Birth and Death 149
We Cannot Escape the Cycle of Birth and Death 149
by Achieving a Good Rebirth
We Must Understand the Cycle of Birth and Death 149
Karma and Delusions Trap Us in the Cycle of Birth 155
and Death
How Do We Escape the Cycle of Birth and Death? 157
Using Your Life for Practice, You Prepare for Death 160
Every Day
Part II: Practices for Preparing for Death and Rebirth
Table of Contents for Part II 165
1. Ritual Objects to Keep Nearby 169
Statues and Pictures 169
Liberation Card 169
Visible Mantras 170
Texts 172
Stupa 173
Prayer Wheel 173
Blessed Cord 173
Blessed Seeds, Water, Etc. 173
Recordings or Videos of Teachings 174
Lights 174
Flowers, Water Bowls, Etc. 175
Phowa Pills, Mani Pills, Etc. 175
2. Reflecting on Amitābha’s Pure Land or Heaven 177
3. Mantras 195
The Ten Powerful Mantras 195
Avalokiteśhvara Mantra • Bhaiṣhajyaguru Mantra •
Padmoṣhṇīṣha Dhāraṇī • Akṣhobhya Mantra •
Uṣhṇīṣhavijaya Dhāraṇī • Padmasambhava Mantra •
Sarvavid-Vairochana Mantra • Milarepa Mantra •
Raśhmivimalaviśhuddhaprabhā Dhāraṇī • Maitreya
The Five Great Mantras 199
Sarvavid-Vairochana Mantra • Akṣhobhya Mantra •
Uṣhṇīṣhavijaya Dhāraṇī • Uṣhṇīṣhavimala Dhāraṇī •
Padmoṣhṇīṣha Dhāraṇī
The Four Dharmakāya Mantras 202
Guhyadhātu Dhāraṇī • Bodhigarbhālaṃkāra-lakṣhaṇa
Dhāraṇī • Raśhmivimalaviśhuddhaprabhā Dhāraṇī •
Uṣhṇīṣhavimala Dhāraṇī
Amitābha Mantra 204
Rinchen Tsuktorchen Dhāraṇī 204
Ārya Mahāmaṇi Dhāraṇī 204
Mantra Taught by Buddha Droden Gyälwa Chö 205
Mantra for Alleviating Fear or Pain 205
Name Mantra of His Holiness the Dalai Lama 205
Names of the Thirty-Five Buddhas of Confession 205
Names of the Seven Medicine Buddhas 207
4. The Eight Prayers to Benefit the Dead 209
The King of Prayers 209
Śhāntideva’s Dedication Prayer 217
Prayer to Be Reborn in Sukhāvatī 224
Prayer of the Virtuous Beginning, Middle, and End 231
Until Buddhahood 235
A Daily Prayer to Maitreya Bodhisattva 236
Prayer for a Statue of Maitreya 240
Prayer for Spontaneous Bliss 241
5. Sutras 245
Sutra for Alleviating Pain 245
Heart Sutra 258
Diamond Cutter Sutra 260
6. Ritual Practices 285
Medicine Buddha Practice 285
Amitābha Phowa 293
The Thirty-Five Buddhas of Confession 304
Vajrasattva and the Four Opponent Powers 315
Samayavajra (Damtsik Dorjé) 321
Abbreviated Tsog 322
Vajrasattva Tsog 324
Guru Puja 335
Vajraḍāka (Dorjé Khandro) Fire Puja 352
Sur 356
Jangwa 367
7. Meditations 409
Stupa Meditation 409
Giving and Taking (Tonglen) 410
The Death Process 413
The Process of Going to Sleep 418
Sleep in the Lion Posture 421
Acknowledgments 423
Glossary 425
About the Author 441
About the Editor 442